Heavy Duty Seal with 50mm Φ Die Set

Total Price
(Embossing Machine + Die Set):
69,00 € - excl. VAT
84,87 € - incl. VAT

- Heavy Duty Seal

  • Reach 5 cm from the edge of the sheet to the center of the stamp
  • Clear reflection on thick paper over 300g/m2
  • Die Set
- Embossing seal reflection diameter up to 50mm
- Die Set laser engraved in delrin

Heavy Duty 50mm round embossing stamp

Embossing Seal - online

After sending the message within 24 hours (working days) contact you with our consultant to present the indywidual design and confirm the price of embossing seal.

You can choose the seal layout. (By default, the stamp is attached to the machine so that the reflection is at the bottom of the page.)
You can attach a file with graphic elements